The Extant: An Anthology

by VultureEye

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The mission statement of this project was to take poems written by friends and acquaintances, have them read aloud, and then set music to them. There were no guidelines that I asked the poets to follow, no set rules or themes. Doing this, I thought, would create an audiobook anthology with scores in the background, an early radio broadcast type recording of a barely organized collection.

What I got was so much more. A VERY cohesively themed collection of poems (and one story) arising by pretty much pure chance. Poems about disaster, loss, picking up and examining the broken pieces.

But there's another theme as well, that lies deep beneath the surface of many of these poems. And I think it was best illustrated through Robert's poem, "The Extant",through it's content (a meditation on the artistic process itself) but especially through it's title. "Extant" is defined as "still in existence, surviving." And that's what all of these poems (artworks) communicate subliminally, at least to this here composer and compiler. We , the ones who came together to make this project, through all of these things we are writing about, through the act of writing itself, are still fighting, clinging, surviving.


released August 17, 2015


EM BARTHOLET-writer and reader of "In Time"
KIRBY FARINEAU-writer and reader of "Saint Morus"
BAILEY FERNANDEZ (VultureEye)-writer and reader of "Crows, reader of "Bitter Tongues and Quickly Filled Lungs)
JANEY FREDMAN-writer and reader of "Diamonds"
LIAM CLOUD HOGAN-co-writer/reader of "Virginia"
WILLOW GRACE NORTH-writer and reader of "The Poem I Haven't Written"
ALEXANDRA SEQUIN-writer of "Bitter Tongues and Quickly Filled Lungs"
ROBERT SHELTON-writer and reader of "The Extant"
MICHAEL TROBICH-writer and reader of "A Dice Game in Gomorrah"
LUCY WAINGER-co-writer/reader of "Virginia"


VULTURE EYE (Bailey Fernandez)-All composition; sound design; mixing on "Diamonds," "Virginia," "The Extant," "In Time," and "Bitter Tongues and Quickly Filled Lungs"

Additional Personnel

LUKE BARNHILL-Bird call sounds on "In Time"
LUCAS BROWN-The occasional pivotal mixing tip
DAMANI HARRISON-All mastering; mixing on "Crows," "The Poem I Haven't Written," "A Dice Game in Gomorrah," and "Saint Morus."
GLENN LOCK-Some laughs on "A Dice Game in Gomorrah"

- "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul and Mary and "Casino Heaven" by Harli Saxon on "Bitter Tongues and Quickly Filled Lungs"




VultureEye Charlottesville, Virginia

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