The Unwelcome

by VultureEye

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I hear voices in the floor and in the walls
Cobwebs eight feet tall line these empty halls
And I've been trying to pull him from my head
He hides inside me behind the veil of my eyelids
And when I'm lying in my bed I can hear him trying to climb in
With me

He's the other half of me, and I lose myself to him
And the medication doesn't keep him locked out for long
He drinks from my bloody knuckles as he whines like a beaten dog.

I want him to get out
And I'm going to have my way

I'm not going to bury him in the floorboards, where someone could find him
I'm gonna' drive into the ocean that doesn't want me, and don't say I'm suicidal
I'm not, I just want him to finally start on taking his final
Breath right before he falls into the sea, where no one will ever find him or me

My feet rush and collect splinters in this hovel I call home
We’ve lived together far too long.
As the room grows dark I feel the adrenaline pumping
I move and run and run and run but it has no end and at last I collapse on the diapidated floor.

My time is finite

And now I feel him coming to the surface
My heart beats faster and sweat starts to pour down my brow
He whispers
I tremble and lie face down as he starts to come through my veins and into my brain


released August 11, 2014



all rights reserved


VultureEye Charlottesville, Virginia

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